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Custom sprayed/stencilled edges

Custom sprayed/stencilled edges

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Get ready to ignite your launch with our CUSTOM sprayed/stencilled edges!


Please complete this form to give us a good starting point for design.

》 Important please read before filling out this form.
We can NOT spray COATED paper of any kind. Paint doesn't stick to this well and creates issues, therefore, we will reject any requests to spray books with coated pages. 
Not sure if your books have coated paper? If the pages are shiny, smooth or have a glossy finish, it's coated and we cannot paint them. Please check before enquiring. 

As we hand spray each book, and I am not a machine, mishaps, paint bleeding and slight differences are inevitable. 

¤ Sometimes, paint can bleed onto the pages of your book. This is beyond our control. 

¤ Sometimes, paint can bleed under the stencil. This is beyond our control. 

Great care is taken to prevent these issues but such is the nature of spraying paper with paint. 

》 Pricing 




20+ in multiples of 10 only, no odd numbers. 

》 Stencilled edges - design depending

Simple design < £10 

Intricate design > £15 

5 @ £10 - £15 per book
10 @ £8.50 - £13.50 per book
20+ @ £6.50 - £11.50 per book

》 One solid colour - 
5 @ £7.50
10 @ £6.50
20+ @ £5.50

》 Ombre - two colours blended
5 @ £ 8.50
10 @ £7.50
20+ @ £6.50 

》 Deadlines 

We prioritize requests by the order we receive them and then by when you need them. Booking your slot early/in advance is very important if you have a deadline.

》 Please reach out on Facebook or email once you've completed the form.

》 If you need your books by a certain date and I am unable to make that happen, I will reach out to let you know.

》 Kickstarter

If you are filling this out for a kickstarter, please email/message me on Facebook after completing the form so we can discuss designs and details that you might need to know before launching your kickstarter. 

》 Events

I can ship directly to event venues, but I am not responsible for the parcel once it has left our premises.

》 Shipping

All orders will be shipped tracked and insured at an extra cost and invoiced separately. This is due to shipping costs being based off weight.

We will ship your books in the box they came in unless that box has been damaged. In this case, we will purchase a new box and invoice you for the cost.

Shipping prices will include packaging costs.

》 Packaging

You can send your books pre-signed and have them individually shrink wrapped at an extra cost.

You can send your books directly from Amazon or Ingram - you can choose to have them individually wrapped in acid free tissue paper or shrink wrapped in bundles. If you plan to sign the books, we will not individually shrink wrap them.

》 Deposit

We require a 50% deposit upon booking your slot. The remaining balance is due on completion.

Shipping is billed separately and is based on weight & packaging requests.

》 Payment

You can pay in full via our website or PayPal.

Orders over £200 can be paid in installments by invoice via Paypal.

If you choose to pay via PayPal, you will be responsible for the fees.

If you choose to pay via our website, we are responsible for the fees.

We do not accept bank transfers or cheques.

You are responsible for completing payments in due course.

Failure to keep to payment plans will result in your losing your slot and any money you have paid thus far.

Deposits are none refundable. No exceptions.

》 Graphics 

We can make png files of your mockup for you/your graphic designer to use for social media at a small, extra cost.

These are digital and may differ slightly from your real life design/colour as design depends on book thickness and colours alter in real life. 

》 Turn around times 

This depends on how many books you send. These times do NOT include shipping times. 

Ten books - 1 to 2 weeks. 

50 books - 2 to 6 weeks 

100+ books 3 to 8 weeks

These are estimates only, but please bare them in mind if you have a deadline. 

If you are planning on ordering for an event, we suggest you set the deadline for at least 3 weeks before the event. 

》 Rush orders 

If you want your books back sooner than my current turn around times, you can have them completed sooner for an extra fee. 


What is your minimum order quantity? MOQ 

Just 5. We understand not everyone wants or can afford more than that. 

My book is a novella or a short story, can I still have my books sprayed? 

Books under 1 inch thick cannot have intricate stencilled images but can be sprayed a colour or ombre. 

My book is an omnibus, can you spray the edges? 

The minimum thickness of a book will need to be 1 inch, there is no maximum thickness.  

My book is part of a series, can you do the set? 


 Example only - your series has three books and you want a different design on each. You will need to pay for each set 

Book 1 x10 books = £85, book 2 x 10 books £85 and book 3 x 10 books = £85 = £255 + shipping & packaging. 

Do you make swag? 

We do! And you can order swag at the same time as your sprayed edges. They will be made and shipped at the same time as your books. 

What else do you offer? 

We offer the following services - These can be found on our website 

¤ Graphic design 

¤ Ebook & paperback formatting 

¤ Swag design 

¤ PR/ARC boxes (magnetic close box with author logo, stickers, bookmarks & more) 

》 There are no hidden fees. 

Your quote includes design, making of stencils, materials, paint & my time. 

》 Your books are not included in your quote and you will be responsible for ordering and paying for these. 

》 Shipping is billed separately and is at cost price + packaging materials only. 

You are responsible for shipping costs TO us and FROM us. 

Please note - We do NOT spray any books that you purchase and plan to resell. Even if you have the author's permission. 

We will NOT copy another artists design. Please don't ask. 

Shipping information

All orders are shipped with tracking and insured.

Our bi-monthly subscription boxes are shipped on or around the following dates;

February 1st

April 1st

July 1st

August 1st

October 1st

December 1st

Thank You: Your BNI team x

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  • Hand sprayed edges

    Please note that all our sprayed edges are painted by hand, in house so some minor changes in colour and design may be evident. We take great pride in our work but not everything always goes to plan.