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Book log/tracker

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Track your reading adventures with our vibrant and comprehensive reading journal! Perfect for book lovers who want to keep an organised record of their literary journey. Here’s what you’ll find inside:

  • Reading Tracker Pages (5): Keep track of your reading progress and goals.
  • Reading Log Pages (5): Document every book you’ve read.
  • Daily Reading Pages (5): Capture your daily reading habits and insights.
  • Monthly Book Tracker Pages (12): Stay on top of your monthly reading list.
  • Reading Challenge Pages (3): Set and conquer your reading challenges!
  • Ebook Wishlist Pages (2): Jot down those must-read ebooks.
  • Paperback Wishlist Pages (2): Keep track of paperback books with details like author, title, pages, and price.
  • Library Pages (5): Space for a sticker of the book cover, author name, and title.
  • Series Tracker Pages (5): Track your favourite series with space for a book cover sticker, author name, and title.
  • Book Review Pages (20): Comprehensive book review section with fields for title, author, page length, rating, reading status, favourite quote, and your review.
  • Series Review Pages (20): Review the entire series with fields for title, author, page length, rating, reading status, favourite quote, and your review.
  • Monthly Wrap-Up Pages (1): Summarize your monthly reading achievements.
  • Currently Reading Pages (20): Log details of books you're currently engrossed in, including name, author, and genre.
  • Books I Want to Read Pages (10): Keep a list of books you’re excited to dive into with title and author.
  • Books I Did Not Finish Pages (5): Note those rare books you couldn’t quite get through with title and author.
  • Anticipated Releases Pages (5): Track upcoming releases with title, author, and release date.
  • Book of the Month Pages (1): Highlight your book of the month with space for a book cover sticker, title, and author.
  • Favourite Authors Pages (3): Celebrate your favourite authors with fields for their names, your favourite book by them, the number of books read, genre, notes, and a sticker space.
  • Favorite Quotes Pages (2): Record memorable quotes with book name, author, and page number.
  • Books Lent Pages (1): Keep track of books you’ve lent out with the title, lent by, and lent to.
  • Books I Bought Pages (5): Document your book purchases with title, date, and price.
  • Library Books Pages (2): Manage your library books with title, date added, return date, and a tick box.
  • Notes Pages (5): Plenty of lined pages for additional thoughts or musings.

Please note these are printed on demand and can take unto 4 weeks to be shipped. 

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