Official AI statement

》 Bookish Night In official statement and policy regarding the use of AI in our designs/products 《

Policy on AI Usage in Designs

At Bookish Night In, we pride ourselves on the originality and authenticity of our designs. Therefore, we strictly prohibit the use of AI-generated designs in our products.

Human-Crafted Designs Only:

All elements, fonts and images in our designs must be created by human designers to ensure the highest quality and uniqueness, otherwise we simply will not use them.

Commitment to Authenticity:

Our STRICT policy ensures that each product reflects genuine creativity and artistic effort.

However, we are not yet completely infallible in our quest to prevent AI from slipping through our net. But absolutely every effort is made to prevent this.

In the event that we are provided proof that an element we use is made by AI, we will immediately remove it from sale. If we suspect an element is made by AI, we will not use it in the first place.

Can we prove we have the licences for our designs?

We purchase all our elements, fonts and images from Creative Fabrica and Depositphotos, sometimes from Etsy.

We are more than happy to provide evidence of our licences upon request, as well as provide a usage agreement to customers as proof to distributers of authenticity eg - Amazon will sometimes question covers, this usage agreement will show them you have rights to use the cover and that it is human made.

Can I use an Image or element for a custom design, that I have dowloaded myself?

If you have the licence info, or usage agreement from the artist, and can show this, then yes.

If you can not provide this information, then no.

Final thoughts:

AI is theft, plain and simple, and we do not condone or support theft, in any capacity, not just as a business, but as individuals.

Amelia K Oliver

CEO of Bookish Night In