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Bo Reid

Morana Valdis was born into a life of crime. Mobsters and murder were apart of her daily life. After losing the most precious piece of her, the monster was unleashed.Named after the Goddess of Death, Morana became the darkness they always tried to keep caged.
The Reaper was born.
After a mysterious package is delivered to her, holding key pieces of evidence in the murder of her twin brother. Morana and her Reapers set out to seek revenge, as an unknown evil begins to close in.
Can The Reapers make it out of Sanorah alive?
*The reapers series is a dark new adult, crime syndicate suspense story, with a sexy reverse harem, and will be a four-book series.
** Triggers including violence, graphic murder, assault both sexual and otherwise, please proceed with caution.***The Reapers series must be read in order.
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